Douglas M. Stayman:It's a really unique partnership of Tsinghua with Cornell


Douglas M. Stayman

Associate Professor of Marketing

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management,Cornell University


They all come from China.They focus on, someway, on the financing industry.
But the most important point is they bring a lot of experiences.
And that is fantastic.
They work in companies.They had different employment experiences.And they bring that to the class.

And that's certainly a big pro.
It's a really unique partnership of Tsinghua with Cornell.
We warned Johnson that when you really have a unique program.
That isn't like other programs, but really meets the needs of the students.
That can be extremely powerful.

And this program, by really having a fundamental grounding in an American MBA.
But also very customized the needs of the Chinese students.with the Tsinghua Partnership
Teaching in Beijing, teaching in Mandarin really bring something powerful.
I hope we will resonate and I think it has a very bright future.