P.Eric Yeung:I think it's more geared towards banking and finance.


P.Eric Yeung



The Finance MBA I would say,in terms of student admission,in terms of the education once they’re admitted,and in terms of the job opportunity after they graduate.

I think it’s more geared towards banking and finance.

For general MBAs, they probably would be focusing on what many – it could be many.

Besides finance, it would be management, consulting jobs, operations.

So basically, I would say that Finance MBA is pretty much the program is tailored,geared towards industry, specifically the banking and the finance industry.

So that’s going to affect how we admit students.

How we design the course content.

What is the career service when they graduate.

I think this is one of the bright spot for Johnson.

Because just from the demand of the program, the applicants’ quality,and from the students’ quality that I observe.

They are the first class, you know, that's a representative.

Basically I’m very confident that the program’s attracting high quality students.

This ganna have a cascade effect.

The success of first class is going to attract the second class and the third class.

I think, hopefully, you know, that we can build a reputation and then maintain the high quality of the students and the teaching.

So that we’re going to have very successful programs in the future.