P.Eric Yeung:Apply the knowledge to China, in the Chinese settings


P.Eric Yeung


I think the Tsinghua students,their innate hunger is how they got the knowledge in US.

Apply the knowledge to China, in the Chinese settings.

For US, I have more questions about the US specific business involvement

And how the knowledge they learned tied to solve US problems.

For Tsinghua students, it’s definitely more internationally driven in how things learned here can be applied back in China.

For the dual degree MBA students,

I teach intermediate accounting which is deeper than the intro accounting,

That’s what the Tsinghua students are supposed to learn.

Of course I customize the course material for Tsinghua students.

There’s important resources for the Tsinghua students, they’re not alone, right?

They’re not just coming here to learn knowledge and interact with the professors in classroom,

but you know, you wanted to grab the resources around you and talk to other students.

In the long term,I think this is a good stepping stone for the students to actually elevate their knowledge they learn in the US.

And to make the most use out of it and go back to China

And think about how this is going to benefit their career in the long term.