• Cornell Task: 2016' Jieting Chen

    For me, the most impressive lecture in Wall Street Trek is Leveraging Big Data in Asset Management by Andrew Chin He talked about the on-going use of big data in asset management, and the future trend

  • Cornell Task: 2016' Xiaoyang Guo

    Wall Street, the most famous street of NYC, is located downtown near the Brooklyn Bridge As the financial center of the United States, even the world, this narrow street is a mirror of the development of the financial industry

  • Cornell Task: 2016' Xinrui Guo

    In order to identify the real issue and offer solid solution for JD, the team would need real time operational data from the company

  • Cornell Task: 2016' Peiyi Shen

    The hackathon is very impressive, the students from our program and the students from Cornell tech were regrouped, it means that each team has students from china and oversea

  • Cornell Task: 2016' Jie Wu

    We spent two very nice days working together with our Cornell-Tech counterpart colleagues We had sufficiently diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to technical, legal, filmmaking and financial

  • Cornell Task: 2016' Bo Li

    The visit to The Museum of American Finance is a great experience to understand the American finance history Out of the many exhibits being displayed in the museum, I reckon that “Checks & Balances: Presidents and American Finance” is truly interest

  • Cornell Task: 2016' Maoshi Jia

    I did learn a lot though our internal team discussions as well as the presentation sharing session by the top three teams Here are some lessons I learned about cross-cultural interactions

  • Cornell Task: 2016' Jingwei Lu

    During my visit to MOAF, what impressed me the most was the exhibit about Alexander Hamiton’s contributions to the development of American finance